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What is Proactive Breath and how is it so efficient?

Breathing is not just a process that provides oxygen to cells for energy. It actually reflects our psychology in every single moment. Proactive Breath is a system that was designed around the Science of Emotions, which outlines the intimate connection between emotions, thoughts, and your personal breathing pattern. This new wisdom creates opportunities and insight far beyond modern breathwork practices because each session is specifically guided for you, based on what your breathing pattern reflects about your inner world.


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Breath Basics, Dubai

June 11-12, Dubai

Learn what your personal breathing pattern says about your personality and use it to engage more passion, peace, and freedom. As you give and receive Proactive Breath sessions you will learn the method and condition new powerful ways of being.

Body Basics

TBD Dubai

Discover what makes each Proactive Breath session so efficient; precise body manipulations, specific movements, and guided facilitation. Experience the science of how emotions flow through the body and enjoy your deepest insight and authenticity.

Body Advanced

May 27 - 29 , Dubai

Activate your highest expression. Learn to coach and facilitate the upper body and guide clients to their highest possible flow in life. This module integrates all previous teachings for better efficiency.

My Passion is Your Passion

J.D. has spent the last 2 decades empowering individuals, couples, and groups alike, through his live events, corporate workshops, and private sessions. Come join the fun and feel the Proactive difference.

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